Business Cards Still Matter

A business card is a road map to opportunity. It could lead you to a great new job, a great business partnership, or simply help your business make money. Business cards are cheap, portable, and easy to give away, so there’s no reason not to have one. People expect you to have a business card as it shows professionalism and it demonstrates that you care. In a sense, business cards are a way for you to say, “I belong here, I know what I’m doing, and you should consider me a factor.” They are a paper handshake that instantly gives whoever you meet everything they need to know in order to do business with you.

Make It Meaningful

Meeting someone in person only to look down at your phone and start tapping to find your contact details can seem rude and disconnected. You want to smile, make eye contact, and make the conversation you’re having be your main focus. You don’t want to be hoping they have the same information sharing app, asking for their email immediately to send your info, or looking down at your screen. Technology can still be used to enhance your experience, however the old fashioned business card still uses one of the best information sharing apps out there: your hands.

The Importance of a Good Design

It is important for your card to be attractive and memorable. Try to think about the fact that some people receive hundreds of business cards from various individuals and they rarely remember any of them. Making your business card memorable is really important.

Another thing that people tend to appreciate in business cards is their quality. Your image is reflected by your business card and its first impression is extremely important to a possible client or customer. Why not take a look at our portfolio and see the fantastic quality we put into all of our business card designs.


Why Use Epic Business Cards

Epic Business Cards is a small, dedicated team of designers and craftsmen that are passionate about helping you and your business succeed. We know the business card is the window to opportunity and together we produce the worlds most innovative business cards for each and every customer.

We start by looking at your business, your logo and any other inspiration you are able to give us. After-all we want your business cards to tie in perfectly with your company and show the world what it’s all about.

We believe that the development of the artwork should be a collaborative, creative process that’s given the time and attention it deserves. We dedicate ourselves on creating truly bespoke designs and traditional production methods that cultivates a level of ownership, pride and excellence that shines through in all our products.


Your Business Card Design

Your business card will be specifically designed according to your business and your concept to meet your needs and stand out from the rest! We will help you to create unique identity of your business among others.

You Will Get:
A print ready JPEG or PDF file with 300 DPI Resolution with bleed.

(Fitting card size : 3.75″ x 2.25″ – 0.125″ bleed)

We are happy to use other size requirements, please just ask before you order.

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